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Retirement Reports 

Policies for increasing the long-term saving of the self-employed

This report, produced in partnership with the Pensions Policy Institute, explores the financial circumstances, savings behaviours and working trends among the self-employed. The findings reveal the very diverse nature of the self-employed and the risks of treating them as a homogenous group when forming long-term savings policy. 

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The In-Betweeners: a generation between pension regimes

Intergenerational inequality is becoming increasingly stark. One generation that is most at risk is the generation caught between the shift from final salary to defined contribution schemes, but who have not been able to take full advantage of auto-enrolment. Because of their positioning between pension regimes, we call them the ‘In-Betweeners’.

To better understand this generation we have commissioned a study on their financial situation. On our behalf YouGov surveyed over 3,000 people between 30 and 45 years old. Our research report found that this generation is at risk of being seriously under-funded for retirement and could face substantially reduced living standards in later life.

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Retirement income uncovered

Since December 2014 we have commissioned a series of in-depth consumer retirement income studies of 50-75 year olds to try and understand consumer expectations and the reality of retirement income. Each survey, of over 1,500 people conducted on our behalf by YouGov, takes account of the fast moving changes that are taking place in the pension freedom world of today.

These reports provide some valuable insights into what retirement may look like today, how it is likely to look in the future, the levels of income expectation and how that income may be created. Most importantly it highlights from the survey responses the difference receiving financial advice has made to the delivery of improved levels of retirement income and peace of mind.

In our Retirement Income Uncovered reports, you will find out more about:

  • the difference between the actual average income in retirement and the income those approaching retirement are expecting
  • how much of your pre-retirement income you need to be satisfied in retirement
  • how many people expect part-time work to provide some of their retirement income
  • and many other interesting facts about what you can expect in retirement.

Following on from the findings from the earlier reports on how valuable it is to get financial advice, the 2017 report reinforces that taking professional financial advice really does pay.Retirement income uncovered - the new normal

Retirement Income Uncovered 2017 report

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Copies of the research findings from the earlier reports can be downloaded through the following links:

Retirement Income Uncovered 2016 report

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Retirement Income Uncovered 2015 report

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Retirement Income Uncovered 2014 report

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