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Our pension products

These products are administered by Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd which is part of the ReAssure Group.

Saving in a pension is a commitment to your future, so it’s important to choose a product which provides the flexibility you need to achieve your long-term plans.

We offer a range of pension products allowing you to take advantage of the freedoms introduced by the government in April 2015. The freedoms provide more choice for how you can use your pension savings to provide an income and leave a legacy to your loved ones.

Find out more about the range here or talk to your financial adviser. 

Collective Retirement Account (CRA)

The CRA is a personal pension. You invest money in a tax beneficial way and when you reach retirement you can decide to take all your benefits at the same time or only take some, giving you more flexibility. The Collective Retirement Account  offers a comprehensive range of flexible options for taking income from your pension savings within the Account, available  for you with no additional costs.

Personal Pension (series 6)

The PP6 is a personal pension. You invest money in a tax beneficial way which can then be used to provide you with an income in retirement. Unlike our Collective Retirement Account (CRA), you can’t use the PP6 to provide you with an income other than if you wish to buy a lifetime annuity , using the open market option that is available under the product, from an annuity provider you select. To take income, you’ll have to transfer the investment you’ve accumulated over the years to a different pension product either from us or another provider.

Buy Out Bond

A Buy out Bond is designed to accept existing pension savings held in occupational pension schemes, including existing buyout bonds, where you  have an entitlement to a tax-free lump sum that is greater than 25% of the total savings, which might be lost if you transfer to other types of pension. 

Our retirement products are designed to offer you flexibility in when, and how, you access your income when you choose to retire. Plus, in addition to the guidance provided by your financial adviser, we offer award winning service and support throughout your journey to retirement. We won Best Personal Pension Provider for the second year in a row at the Moneywise Pension Awards.