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How RedArc Helped Ellen

EllenEllen Thomas works in a large restaurant and has been off work for five months with severe back pain.

She was seen by an NHS consultant, but based on her diagnosis of sciatica he was reluctant to do anything radical; he therefore suggested physiotherapy, and put her name on the waiting list.

Ellen was concerned that the physiotherapy would be very painful so she contacted RedArc asking for a second medical opinion.

Her nurse was able to discuss the diagnosis, pain levels and the advantage of physiotherapy with her at length, answering questions and giving reassurance.

Following this, Ellen still wanted a second opinion, as she felt that she should be treated differently.

Her nurse directed her back to see the GP who was able to provide her with a detailed letter listing her medical history, medication and information from the previous consultation.

He also suggested the name of a different consultant to Ellen.

RedArc made all the arrangements and Ellen had a private, local face-to-face consultation four days later.

She was surprised that the consultant made the same diagnosis and also suggested physiotherapy.  Fortunately, RedArc had helped Ellen compile a list of relevant questions and she was able to have these answered quickly.

The consultant then wrote to her GP; suggesting a new regime of medication.

Following the appointment, her RedArc nurse was able to talk through what had happened, help her deal with the disappointment of the same diagnosis and provide ongoing emotional support and a listening ear.

Ellen has benefited from the new medication and will soon start her physiotherapy. She is much more open to having the treatment now.

*Please note we have changed the name of this client.