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Protect Critical Illness Cover

What is critical illness cover?

These products are administered by Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd which is part of the ReAssure Group.

Critical illness cover pays out a sum of money when the person who is covered by the plan is diagnosed with, or needs treatment for, a serious illness or condition listed in the plan’s terms and conditions. The list will vary from provider to provider. Critical illness cover can normally be taken out with or without life cover.

Premiums are normally paid on either a monthly or annual basis for a fixed period of time, known as the term of the policy. Some plans also offer the option of taking out cover to last for the whole of your life, rather than ending after a fixed period. They can cover a single person or two people, such as a husband and wife.

The cost of these plans varies according to your personal circumstances such as the number of people covered, their age, previous medical history and the amount and length of cover required.

Why should I have critical illness cover?

None of us like to think about the worst happening – but if it should, money is the last thing you would want to worry about. Carla's story, shown in our short video, is just one example that really expresses across the importance of having critical illness cover.

Comprehensive and flexible cover

Our Protect critical illness cover with our There for You service can be used for both personal and business protection.

A Protect critical illness policy automatically provides:

  • Cover for 78 different illnesses and conditions
  • Advance payment for 11 surgeries
  • An additional lump sum payment to help with long term illness
  • Cover for children up to age 22
  • Our There for You support service

There for You can put you in touch with a dedicated nurse to help you through difficult times in your life such as a serious illness, bereavement or mental health issues.

As well as providing emotional support, the nurses can provide information, practical advice and access to different therapies and local support – plus much more.

It can be used by you and your immediate family  at any time, for as long as you need it.

Protect is a flexible protection plan. It can include one or more policies, each with a different term and benefits, so you can tailor the policies to create the perfect fit. Two terms are available; fixed and rolling.

You can read more about Protect in the key features document and guide or speak to a financial adviser who will be able to discuss your options and recommend products to suit your needs.

Fixed term

We offer fixed terms of 5 to 40 years with the premium guaranteed for the duration of the term. When you reach the end of the term the cover will end.

Rolling term

Rolling term is unique and offers the best of two different products:

  • you can renew the cover every ten years and
  • you can keep renewing it for as long as you need it, without any further medical questions.

The premiums start lower compared to other plans that cover you for the whole of your life and increase every ten years. Unlike some other products we will tell you at the start of the cover what those increases will be and we guarantee not to change them, unless you change your cover.

Useful information

Want to read more about the cover? You can download the guides below to find out more.