Investment fees and charges

When you make an investment with us there are three main parties involved, in addition to you as the investor:

  • your financial adviser
  • us, Old Mutual Wealth, the provider of your investment product
  • the managers of the funds you have chosen

To help you understand their roles, and their fees and charges, we have produced a range of booklets: Making the cost of investment clear*. This explains the way all the charges involved are calculated and applied.

The actual cost of investing in your case depends on variable factors such as the amount involved, the funds you choose and whatever fees you have agreed with your adviser. Before you make an investment you will be given a personalised illustration that sets out these factors in your particular case, and their potential effect on the future value of your investment.

*The costs of all new investments with us are based on a formula called Charge Basis 3. If you are an existing investor you may have  products on Charge Basis 2 or Charge Basis 1.