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Investment fees and charges

When you make an investment with us there are three main parties involved, in addition to you as the investor:

  • your financial adviser
  • us, Old Mutual Wealth, the provider of your investment product
  • the managers of the funds you have chosen.

To help you understand their roles, and their fees and charges, our leaflet: ‘Making the cost of investment clear’ explains how the charges involved are calculated and applied. There are separate leaflets for each of our three charging structures (see below).

Your personalised illustration with costs and charges statement

The actual cost of investing depends on variable factors such as the amount involved, the funds you choose, and whatever fees you have agreed with your adviser.

Before you make an investment you will be given a personalised key features illustration or projection that sets out these factors in your particular case and their potential effect on the future value of your investment. The illustration or projection includes a costs and charges statement, detailing the charges you can expect during the first year of your investment and in subsequent years.

Which charging structure?

If you are opening a new investment in any of our products, or hold an existing ISA or Collective Investment Account (CIA), the charging structure applicable is called Charge Basis 3 and you can invest in either our SelfSelect fund range or WealthSelect managed portfolio service.

If you are an existing investor with a Collective Retirement Account (CRA) or a Collective Investment Bond (CIB) opened before 1 January 2013, you may be on one of our older charging structures, Charge Basis 2 or Charge Basis 1, and you can only invest in our SelfSelect fund range. 

If you are not sure which Charge Basis your existing product is on, you can find it on your regular statements and on our online Customer Centre. You can also call our Customer Service Centre on 0808 171 2626.