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We have updated the log in process of your online account

Keeping your investments secure is extremely important to us. To better protect you, we have updated our online Customer Centre. The upgrade means you’ll automatically benefit from some new features.

1.  A new-look login for your online account

Because of the enhancements, you will notice the webpages you see when you log in will look slightly different to what you’re used to.

2. When you first log in after the enhancements we’ll ask you to confirm your phone number

If your phone number has changed since you registered with us, or you want to use a different number (we strongly recommend using a mobile number), you’ll be able to change it in a few simple steps by answering the security question you set up when you opened your account.

3. To check it’s you, we’ll send you a code when you make a transaction

Similar to the security method used by many banks, when you carry out certain transactions (such as if you forget your password), to check it’s you we’ll send you a code (by either text or voice message) which you simply enter into a box on the screen to complete the transaction. Using a mobile number will make this process as easy as possible for you.

Apart from the extra steps and new-look login pages, nothing else has changed. Once you’ve logged in to your account you’ll still benefit from the same features and have the same view of your investments as you enjoyed before, with the peace of mind of enhanced protection.