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Maintaining your portfolio

In the past the performance of investments, such as ISAs or pensions, could be difficult to keep track of.

Today thankfully, it’s far easier to monitor your investments and play an active part in helping to maximise their returns. So, even after you’ve built your investment portfolio, you and your adviser can ensure it continues to perform in the way you’d hoped.

We provide the facilities to let you do just that. With our platform, you can monitor your investments online as often as you like and keep them on track for success by making whatever changes are needed, by rebalancing or switching your choice of funds.

Maintaining your balance

Changing your choice of funds

The process of asset allocation involves not just picking funds, but making sure that the balance of assets within them is achieving the best possible return relative to your risk profile.

Over time, depending on the performance of the individual funds within your portfolio, the balance of assets can become skewed out of line with your original plan. However, with Old Mutual Wealth, you can opt for regular automatic fund rebalancing. This ensures the blend of assets in your portfolio remains constant. Our rebalancing service is currently free of any administration charge.

As you would expect, the fund performance varies over time, as will your own goals for the future. That’s why we offer a service called fund switching, which allows you to change the funds within your portfolio.

So, if you’re not satisfied with the performance of certain funds or perhaps you’re feeling a bit bolder and want to take more risk, you can change your choice of funds to reflect this.

Fund switching is simple and convenient, especially when you do it online, plus it’s currently free from an administration charge.