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Fund range

Easy access to a wide range of funds

Through Old Mutual Wealth, you receive access to around 1,900 investment funds from more than 120 different fund managers that your adviser can use to build your investment portfolio.

There are two easy ways to explore our fund range:

1. Fund Centre

You can access our Fund Centre for prices, performance, factsheets and fund manager documents such as Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs).

Visit the Fund Centre

2. View our funds lists in PDF format

These brochures list all of our funds including fund charges, objectives, and other important information:

Which charge basis list should I look at?

If you are opening a new investment in any of our products, or hold an existing ISA or Collective Investment Account (CIA), the charging structure is called Charge Basis 3.

If you are an existing investor with a Collective Retirement Account (CRA) or a Collective Investment Bond (CIB) opened before 1 January 2013, you may be on one of our older charging structures, Charge Basis 2 or Charge Basis 1

If you are not sure which Charge Basis your product is on, you can find it on your regular statements and on our online Customer Centre.

Restricted fund range for non-advised transactions

We recommend that all our customers seek professional advice before making an investment decision.

If you are choosing funds or changing your choice of funds without using a financial adviser (known as a ’non-advised’ or ‘execution only’ transaction), the Financial Conduct Authority limits the range of funds you can invest in to funds that are not classed as ‘complex’ or deemed by their fund manager as suitable only for ‘advised’ transactions.

View the funds lists above to find out which funds you can invest in.