Platform Funds

For new and existing customers with our current range of products:
  • Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • Collective Investment Account (CIA)
  • Collective Investment Bond (CIB)
  • Collective Retirement Account (CRA)


Platform Pension

Collective Retirement Account (CRA)

Single Price Pensions

With single price funds, there is only one unit price.
Personal Pension (PP6)
Executive Pension (EP6)
Pension Trustee Bond (TI6)
Personal Pension Income Plan (DA6)
Skandia Buy Out Bond (BB6)

Professional Life Pensions

Personal Retirement Income Account (DAA)
Personal Retirement Account (PRA)
Select Personal Pension Account (SPA )
Executive Retirement Account (ERA)
Freestanding AVC Account (ACA)
Trustee Retirement Account (TRA)
Framlington Monthly Premium Pension Plan (FRM)
Framlington Single Premium Pension Plan (FRS)
Framlington Annual Premium Pension Plan (FRA)

Initial Price Pensions

With initial price funds, there are two prices, the bid price and the offer price.
Personal Pension Income Plan (DA1 - DA3)
Executive Pension (EP1 - EP5)
Executive Pension Plan (EPP)
Executive Pension Scheme (EPS)
Free Standing Pension (FS1 - FS4)
Personal Contracted-Out Bond (PCO)
Personal Pension (PP1 - PP5)
Personal Pension Scheme (PPS)
Self-Admin Retirement Plan (SAP)
Skandia Pension Plan (SPP)
Pension Trustee Bond (TI2/TI5)
Independent Pension Plan (IPP)
Independent Pension Bond (IPB)
Employees Benefit Plan (EBP)
Directors Plan (DP)
Self-Administered Retirement Plan (SRP)


Investments In Our Wealth Platform Fund Range

Individual Savings Account (ISA)
Collective Investment Account (CIA)

Investments In Our Life Fund Range

Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)
Skandia Endowment Plan (SEP)
Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP)

Life/Critical Illness Investments In Our Life Fund Range

The Skandia Plan (TSP)
Skandia Lifetime Plan (SLP)
Permanent Protection Plan (PPP)


Bonds Invested In Our Wealth Platform fund Range

Collective Investment Bond (CIB)
Offshore Collective Investment Bond (OCIB)

Bonds Invested In Our Life Fund Range

The Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited - Life fund range inlcudes the following products:

Assured Performance Bond (APB)
Capital and Income Bond (CAB)
Capital Investment Bond (CIB)
Enhanced Allocation Bond (EAB)
Flexible Investment Bond (FIB)
High Investment Bond (HIB)
Skandia Life Distribution Bond (SDB)
Skandia Investment Bond (SIB)

Please note, Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd is now part of the ReAssure Group. Any funds in the relevant fund ranges are for products administered by them accordingly.

Where we use the term 'platform', this means Old Mutual Wealth's UK technology platform, which hosts collective investments and ISAs as well as bonds and pension products.

If your product or investment is with one of the other companies within our group, you may require one of the following fund ranges instead.

Quilter Investors Limited
Quilter International Isle of Man Limited
Quilter International Ireland dac

If you're not sure which fund range applies to your product or investment then please contact us or alternatively contact your financial adviser.