Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
HC Sequel Global Opportunities Objective change Old Mutual Wealth's platform 19 Sep 2016
Current Objective

To provide capital returns over the medium to long term by investing in a diversified global portfolio of mainly equities, and may also invest in fixed interest securities including government and corporate bonds, money market instruments, deposits, units in regulated investment schemes and warrants.

New Objective

To provide a stable income (of 4% per annum) and capital growth over the medium term, and it aims to achieve a return over the full investment cycle (not being less than 5 years) of 5% over the return that could be expected from long term cash deposits. The fund will seek to achieve its objective by investing directly and indirectly in UK and overseas equities, fixed interest securities, money market instruments, units or shares in collective investment schemes, cash and near cash.

Please note: the fund will also be changing its name to HC Sequel Global Target Income Strategy, and the name and objective change has now been approved.