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Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Castlefield BEST UK Opportunities -U Name and objective change Old Mutual Wealth Limited and Old Mutual Wealth Life & Pensions Limited 01 Nov 2019
Old objective

To invest primarily
for long-term capital growth from a portfolio of investments by actively
investing in those companies, primarily within the UK, where the manager
believes there are above average opportunities for growth. In seeking to
achieve the stated investment objective, the Investment Adviser uses a
responsible investment research process to identify the universe of securities
from which the fund may invest. The four criteria that need to be evidenced by
each investment are reflected in the name of the fund where 'B.E.S.T' indicates
Business & financial, Environmental & ecological, Social and
Transparency & governance, however equal weighting may not be given to each
element of these criteria when screening potential investments.

New objective

To invest primarily
for long term capital growth from a portfolio of investments which is superior
to the median performance of all the funds forming the official peer group of
which the fund is a part. ‘Peer group’ is defined as being the Investment Association
sector to which the fund has been allocated (currently being the UK All
companies Sector) or to which it may be allocated in the future, as determined
by that body.

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