Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Baring Portfolio Objective and policy change Old Mutual Wealth's platform and Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited 01 Nov 2014
Current Investment Objective and Policy

To achieve growth in capital and income by investing in any country and in any economic sectors of the world. The Manager’s policy is that the Trust will be invested as though it were a large, actively managed, portfolio of a UK based private client. The Trust will primarily consist of a UK and international spread of investments in both equities and fixed income securities. 

New Investment Objective and Policy

To achieve long term capital growth through investments globally. The Manager’s policy is that the Trust will primarily invest across asset classes including equities, fixed income securities, money market instruments and/or cash. The Trust will not have any restrictions on the proportion allocated to any particular asset class, country or economic sector. The Trust may gain exposure to asset classes indirectly such as through the use of collective investment schemes including index tracking and exchange traded funds and/or directly. The Trust may also seek exposure to currencies and indirectly to alternative asset classes, including commodities, property, private equity or hedge funds. The Trust may use derivatives for investment purposes as well as for efficient portfolio management.

Please note: this fund will also be changing name to Baring Dynamic Capital Growth, decreasing AMC and changing IMA sector.