Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Premier Enterprise Fund Objective and policy change Old Mutual Wealth's platform 18 Apr 2013
Current objective

To provide long term capital growth. To invest principally in a portfolio of securities which, in the manager’s opinion, have a high potential for capital and/or income growth and which will produce capital appreciation over the longer term. The fund may also invest in collective investment schemes, fixed interest securities, money market instruments, deposits and warrants.

New Objective

To provide long term capital growth. To invest in a portfolio of equities, seeking capital growth for investors. Cash balances and exchange traded derivatives may be used according to market conditions. The portfolio will be exposed to global currencies although the manager will regularly use forward exchange contracts for hedging. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (including but not limited to warrants and bonds), collective investment schemes, money market instruments, cash and near cash and deposits.

Please note: Premier will be merging the Premier Enterprise Fund into the Premier Global Alpha Growth Fund (BDPGD) at the end of May.