Name Description Fund Range Effective Date
Aviva Investors World Leaders Objective and policy change Old Mutual Wealth's platform 12 Apr 2013
Current Investment Objective and Policy

To provide long-term capital growth. Investment in a well diversified portfolio of global shares. The Manager will identify core themes that are considered to offer attractive long term investment opportunities and the funds will be invested in accordance with these themes. The themes will change periodically over time. The Fund may invest in any of the following financial instruments in order to achieve its investment objective: transferable securities, money market instruments, units in collective investment schemes, deposits and derivatives and forward transactions.

New Investment Objective and Policy

To provide an annualised income yield at least one and a quarter times that of the annual income yield obtainable on the MSCI World Index (GBP) with the potential for capital growth.

The Fund aims to achieve the investment objective by investing principally in global equities judged to offer above average dividend yields with prospects of dividend growth and the potential for long term capital growth. The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities, collective investment schemes, money market instruments, deposits, cash, near cash, derivatives and forward transactions.

Please note: this fund will be changing it's name to Aviva Investors Global Equity Income