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Introducing creation

The Old Mutual Creation Portfolios are an actively managed range of multi-asset funds. They have been designed in collaboration with financial advisers, research agencies and clients to provide solutions that  match  investors’ attitude to investment risk.

There are five portfolios in the range, with different risk levels to give you flexibility in choosing the investment solution that best meets your needs. They are aimed at investors who seek cost-effective access to fund managers with a strong professional edge.

The portfolios provide the reassurance that experienced, professional managers are making investment decisions on your behalf. They are designed to give you the confidence to invest for the long term, in line with your attitude to risk.

Creation multi-asset portfolios

Each of the Creation portfolios is invested primarily in two groups of assets. The first comprises funds run by our Global Partners, fund managers who provide cost-effective access to the world-class ‘building blocks’ from which multi-asset portfolios can be constructed.

The Quilter Investors’s Fund Research team supports the Creation portfolio managers in selecting these funds. It participates in researching, meeting and analysing managers across the globe, and maintains close, regular contact with hundreds of fund management groups worldwide.

The second group of assets comprises company shares and bonds in which the portfolio managers invest directly – that is, not via one of the funds already held within the portfolios. In this area, there is a focus on leveraging the expertise of our highly regarded stock-pickers and bond investors, as well as on creating efficiencies for investors.

About global partners

Our Global Partners brings together some of the industry’s leading fund managers and best known asset management brands across all the major asset classes. The fund managers have been selected from 17 market-leading fund groups and are regularly monitored to ensure they perform as expected and continue to meet our high standards.

For more information, please speak to your financial adviser.