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Introducing Cirilium

Launched in 2008, the Cirilium Portfolios are designed to help clients harness the strength of financial markets in order to grow their wealth.

Cirilium offers the considerable experience, skills, and resources of Quilter Investors. This expertise is provided through a choice of five portfolios with different risk levels, to give you flexibility in choosing the investment solution that best meets your needs.

Cirilium multi-asset portfolios

Cirilium allows you to benefit from two layers of leading fund management. First, the highly regarded multi-asset team is responsible for the overall strategy and asset allocation within the portfolios. Secondly, the team is also skilled at choosing ‘best-of-breed’ funds and fund managers from the entire investment industry. As a result, they can gain from the expertise and judgement from other specialists worldwide.

A choice of investment styles

Within Cirilium, there are two portfolio ranges: active and passive.

The active portfolios have been designed for clients who desire the potential for higher levels of returns, from a portfolio range with the widest investment universe and toolkit.

The passive portfolio range has been designed for clients to whom reducing the cost of investment is more important than seeking potential outperformance. This range holds investments that are designed to track market indicies.

For more information, please speak to your financial adviser.