Our financial needs and attitudes change as we go through life's seasons. Whether it's helping the kids get on in life, taking that dream holiday or retiring active and happy - your investments should grow with you.

WealthSelect is an innovative range of fully researched funds from market-leading asset management brands and includes our award-winning risk, income and growth targeted funds.

WealthSelect lets you choose from around 60 high quality funds at very competitive prices, across all major asset classes plus giving you access to our in-house packaged solutions such as our award winning, risk-targeted Spectrum funds.

Managing your investments

An additional feature of WealthSelect is the Managed Portfolio Service – an actively managed discretionary investment solution, where you and your financial adviser choose the portfolio that best meets your investment needs and attitude to risk. The Managed Portfolio Service, available at no extra cost, is constructed using funds from the WealthSelect range.

Benefits of WealthSelect

By investing in our WealthSelect fund range or Managed Portfolio Service you benefit from:

  • Investments designed to match your needs – The range of options available meet a broad range of needs from growing your investments to taking an income. And with our Managed Portfolio Service, your portfolio is constantly matched to your risk profile.
  • Tax-efficient investments – The assets our Managed Portfolios invest in are tailored to whether you are investing through a pension, ISA or onshore bond, to help maximise tax-efficiency and therefore overall returns.
  • Access to established expertise – We have a long history of researching investments and building portfolios for clients, having pioneered the ‘multi-manager’ approach in the late 1980s. The WealthSelect fund range and Managed Portfolios are managed by the experts in our asset management firm, Old Mutual Global Investors.
  • Peace of mind – WealthSelect provides access to high quality funds and managers, with all funds continually monitored on your behalf, to ensure that these funds continue to perform as expected.
  • A better understanding of your investments – We provide easy to understand but comprehensive information to you and your financial adviser, to help keep you fully informed of how your investments are being managed. Our Managed Portfolio Service comes with high quality, regular reports, with information presented in a clear way.
  • Value for money – WealthSelect provides access to competitively priced high quality, actively managed investment solutions with the optional Managed Portfolio Service being provided at no additional cost.

If you are interested in WealthSelect, either with or without the discretionary Managed Portfolio Service, please speak to your financial adviser.

About global partners

Global Partners brings together some of the industry’s leading fund managers and best known asset management brands across all the major asset classes. The fund managers in the range have been selected from 17 market-leading fund groups and are regularly monitored to ensure they perform as expected and continue to meet our high standards.

The funds are researched, and monitored on an ongoing basis, by the Multi-Asset team within Old Mutual Wealth’s Investment Division, to ensure they perform as expected and continue to meet their high standards. Old Mutual Wealth’s Investment Division comprises Old Mutual Global Investors and Quilter Cheviot.

Old Mutual Wealth has chosen these groups and their funds with a long-term view, but they have the flexibility to add, replace or remove fund managers and/or fund groups from the range, where appropriate.

For more information, please speak to your financial adviser.