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Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd funds – Quarterly performance review report

In order to support you and your adviser to regularly review and monitor the performance of your investments our Investment Committee monitors all Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Ltd funds available to you.

We have undertaken a review of the performance of all our life and pension funds to identify any that may have consistently underperformed over the past three years.

You may not be invested in any of the funds in the report however if you are, we recommend that you discuss these findings with your financial adviser to establish whether your current fund choices are still appropriate for your needs.

The most recent report is below.


You can view copies of all previously produced quarterly reports here.

View the list of products that this report covers here


What next?

Where a fund has appeared in our report we will be working with the fund manager to monitor the fund for a period up to 12 months to ensure that its performance starts to improve.

If we take any further action regarding the funds, such as closing a fund that has not improved its performance, we will communicate this ahead of any action being taken.

The best way to review your investments to ensure they are still suitable for your needs is with the help of a financial adviser. Being invested in an underperforming fund is not necessarily a cause for concern, and switching out of a fund when it is underperforming may not be the best course of action for you.

For example, your adviser may have recommended it as a small proportion of your overall portfolio to help diversify your investments (in other words, to avoid holding ‘all your eggs in one basket’), or because they believe it could offer value in the future.