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How do I withdraw money from my account?


Because we believe in the value of financial advice, we always recommend you speak to your financial adviser before you decide to take money out of your account with us.

Call us

If you want to withdraw less than £25,000 from an ISA and/or a CIA held in your sole name, you may be able to do so over the phone, without the need for a form. Call us on Freephone 0808 171 2626 (between 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday) and we will tell you if you can do this.

Send us a form

If you want to take money out of your account, or even close it, you need to complete and send one of the forms below.

Withdrawal form for ISA, CIA or CIB

The form you need depends on the type of account you have with us. Please make sure you choose the right one.

Along with the attached form, please provide proof of bank account by either a voided cheque or bank statement within the last three months.


Withdrawal form for any of the plans below:

• Investment Bonds (SIB, CAB, SDB, HIB, EAB)

• Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP)

• Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)

• Personal Protection Plan (PPP)

• Skandia Endowment Plan (SEP)

• Skandia Lifetime Plan (SLP)

• The Skandia Plan (TSP)


Withdrawal form for any of the plans below:

• Trustee Executive Pension Plans (DP, EPP, EBP, EPS, EP1-6, ERA)

• Pension Trustee Bond (TI2, TI5, TI6)

• Trustee Retirement Account (TRA)


Where do I send the completed form?

Please send the completed and signed form to us at the address below, or email it to
Old Mutual Wealth
Old Mutual House
Portland Terrace
SO14 7AY

When will I receive my money?

Providing all requirements have been satisfied, you will normally receive the money in your bank account between five and seven working days of when we receive and process your fully completed instruction.

Making a withdrawal from your pension

Before taking money out of your pension we strongly recommend that you speak to your financial adviser. You can contact us on 0808 171 2626 and we will be able to provide you with your options, however we are unable to provide financial advice. Please note that there may be different tax implications for the method of withdrawal that you select; your financial adviser will be able to help you with this.

Don’t have a financial adviser? Our online search tool can help you find an adviser in your local area who is registered to do business with Old Mutual Wealth.

All other accounts

If your type of account is not listed above, please speak to your financial adviser or call us on 0808 171 2626 for further information.


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