How do I change the funds I’m invested in or change which funds my future regular payments go into?


You can change the funds in your account or bond online through our Online Customer Centre at any time. However, as all funds have different characteristics, we recommend you discuss your requirements and objectives with a financial adviser before proceeding, to ensure the funds you choose are appropriate for your circumstances.

Use this user guide to change your funds in the following schemes:

  • Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • Collective Investment Account (CIA)
  • Collective Investment Bond (CIB)
  • Collective Retirement Account (CRA)

Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Accounts

Use this user guide to change your Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance funds:

  • Investment Bonds (SIB, CAB, HIB, SDB, EAB)
  • Personal Pension (PP)
  • Executive Pension (EP)
  • Pension Trustee Bond (TI)
  • Personal Contracted Out Plan (PCO)
  • The Skandia Plan (TSP)
  • Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)
  • Skandia Lifetime Plan (SLP)

If you change your mind, you can delete an unprocessed instruction before the next deadline by selecting ‘review my instruction’ from the menu.