Why work for us?

Lots of companies claim to be ideal employers, providing an exciting working environment with well-rewarded and motivated employees. Fortunately, in our case, this is probably truer than most.

That's because we actively work to create the sort of company where people really want to work. We sincerely believe in the importance of investing in our people and do everything we can to attract and retain talented people who genuinely want to work with us to achieve ambitious goals.

View our current vacancies now or find out more about the rewards and flexible benefits we offer.

Interested in a career in financial advice?

Within the Old Mutual Wealth group of companies is the Financial Adviser School; a unique training programme which provides students with the necessary skills and qualifications to launch into a new career as a financial adviser at the end of 47 weeks, as well as opportunities to find a work placement.

Whether or not you’ve got financial services experience, if you’re interested in becoming a financial adviser, the Financial Adviser School is a great place to start.