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How an adviser helps… with school fees and university costs

Children are expensive enough to raise. But when you add the rising costs of private school and university fees, a life living on crusts and huddling around a single-bar electric fire surely looms. 15 Apr 2016
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How to grow your savings for the big day

With the average wedding costing £20,500* it could be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime – whether for yourself, your child, or your grandchild. So planning matters. 14 Apr 2016
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Six ways to pay for your children’s education

The costs are phenomenal, but planning and regularly putting a little aside will help. 20 Jan 2016
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The importance of a will

As much as we might not want to think about it, we are all going to die one day. We all know we should probably make a will but most of us never get round to it – it is estimated that 7 out of 10… 20 Jan 2016
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Passing on pension wealth

The abolition of the so-called ‘death tax’, plus various other changes to the rules on inheriting pension wealth, could mean your pension is the last thing you should use to generate a retirement… 19 Jan 2016
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A pension for your child? Surely that's mad...

Some people believe a pension could be a better way to provide long-term savings for your offspring. 19 Jan 2016
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Planning for a baby

Whilst Princess Charlotte may give William and Kate a few sleepless nights, it’s unlikely to be as a result of worrying about their finances. But for the rest of us, money has to be one of the… 18 Jan 2016
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Top tips for saving tax together

Once you’re married or in a civil partnership, there are many ways you can work together to minimise the tax you have to pay. Here are the basic ones that every couple should consider. 18 Jan 2016
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Educating the kids

Having children is expensive. More so if you want to educate them privately. So how do you raise the cash to make sure they get the best start possible? 18 Jan 2016
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5 steps to making the most of your legacy

Inheritance tax is becoming an issue for an increasing number of people in the UK. Here are five smart steps you can take to ensure your money ends up with your loved ones and not the taxman. 18 Jan 2016