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How financial advice can work for you

The world of financial advice may seem a bit of a mystery if you’ve never used it before. You may have seen an adviser for something specific like arranging a mortgage, but with just a little knowledge, you can make so much more of their services.

This section is all about demystifying the advice process, explaining the different types of advice out there and preparing you to approach that first adviser meeting with confidence.


Risk ratings explained in simple terms

Do you pack an umbrella even on a sunny day? Or do you merrily jump in puddles just to see what happens?

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How financial advice has changed

You wouldn’t expect a builder to repair your roof for nothing. Or a plumber to replace a leaking pipe gratis. The same is true if you need professional financial advice.

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So what exactly is an adviser fact-find?

It’s a little like visiting the doctor, but there’s no stethoscope and you aren’t required to cough.

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