Retirement advice and guidance

Even if you’ve never used a financial adviser before, you should seriously consider doing so as you approach retirement. This is particularly important given complexity of the current pension rules, as they present significant risks for retirees who don’t know what they’re doing. It’s why the UK Chancellor at the time, George Osborne, made what he called a ‘Guidance Guarantee’ (see below).

Guidance Guarantee - Additional guidance about retirement solutions

If you’re thinking about starting to draw on your pension savings, in addition to the valuable advice you can get from your financial adviser, you can also seek guidance from The Pension Wise Guidance Service – a free and impartial service from the Government, specifically set up to help you understand the options available to you under the pension rules that became effective from 6 April 2015. The service is available online, over the phone from the Pensions Advisory Service or face-to-face from the Citizens Advice Bureau. Please note the guidance offered does not constitute or replace the independent financial advice you receive from your financial adviser.