Why get financial advice

If you’re keen to get (or keep) your finances in shape it can be extremely worthwhile seeking some professional advice. A financial adviser can help you to clarify your needs and priorities, assess the suitability of any existing investments you have and help you make a plan to meet your short-term and long-term goals. They can also help you avoid potential financial pitfalls like paying too much tax, taking too many risks with your investments or running out of money in retirement.

Our July 2015 Redefining Retirement report reveals some interesting results which demonstrate the power of financial advice. 

You could have a 53% increase in income if you see an adviser regularly and have an income target in mind compared to not doing so.

90% of people who see a financial adviser on a regular basis feel the advice has benefited them. Peace of mind is seen as the most important benefit ahead of the financial benefits which can be substantial. The research proves that regular financial advice can deliver real benefits, with the top five benefits identified being:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Finances are efficient for tax purposes
  3. Achieve financial goals
  4. Protection against losses
  5. Better off financially

 Retirement income per annum


Old Mutual Wealth doesn’t offer investment advice – instead we work with financial advisers who can help you decide which investment products are most suited to you. We believe that the best way to achieve your goals is by establishing a long-term relationship between you, your adviser and us. Working together, we can each play a role in your investment planning. Click on the links to the left of the screen to read about choosing a financial adviser and how using an adviser works.

Retirement advice

The recent pension reforms have given you more flexibility over your options at retirement – but if you choose the wrong route, they also present significant risks, like paying too much tax unnecessarily, depleting your pension savings too quickly, or missing the chance to pass your savings on to loved ones tax-efficiently.



If you don't have a financial adviser, and you need help or advice on your Old Mutual Wealth products, our online search tool can help you find an adviser in your local area who is registered to do business with Old Mutual Wealth. Just enter your town or postcode below and our search tool will show you a list of nearby advisers who could help.

Some of the firms in our search are independent whilst others operate on a restricted basis which may limit the range of products, or product providers, that they can recommend, or limit the scope of the advice they can give. If this is important to you, you should ask for confirmation when you contact the firm. Old Mutual Wealth does not endorse any advice given.

If you would like to search across the whole of the adviser market, including advisers who do not currently do business with Old Mutual Wealth, there are a number of ways you can do this, including, an independent portal for finding a financial adviser in your locality.

If you are a Financial Adviser and would like to be added to this service, please apply here. Please note that Adviser registrations will take 3-5 working days to process.