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The benefits of financial advice

Cut through the complexities

Old Mutual Wealth strongly believes in the value of advice and we only offer our products through qualified financial advisers.

The most successful investors take financial advice. Financial advisers are highly qualified and should be considered just as essential as using an accountant or lawyer when you need one. They will cut through the complexities and use the benefit of our experience to give you the best chance possible of achieving your aims.

You can benefit from

A full assessment of your finances

The best advice comes from a thorough review of your current financial position, your long-term financial goals, how you feel about investment risk, your tax position, and your available budget. Financial advisers can then understand and consider the options you have available. They will try to make this process simple and friendly, and the benefits to you will be plain to see.

Long-term value

What you want from your finances is individual to you. An adviser’s job is to get to know you well enough to understand you and what you hope to achieve for you and your loved ones. So your relationship will hopefully be a long one, where they will build your trust by providing the right advice for you.

Advice helps you reach your goals

This is where your financial adviser makes a real difference. By taking a holistic view of your finances and aspirations, they will use all their experience and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

It’s worth it

Perhaps you’ve hesitated to seek financial advice because you’re worried about the cost. Like any professional advice, it isn’t free, but expert financial advice can pay dividends by helping you achieve your financial goals in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Don't have a financial adviser?

Our online tool will help you find the right expert for your needs.

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Your financial adviser and how we support them

Long-term relationship

Your financial adviser is there to build a long-term financial planning relationship with you. They will begin by having a detailed discussion with you about your current circumstances, what you want to achieve and how much risk you’re comfortable taking. They will then be able to recommend solutions that accurately reflect your personal circumstances.

Tools and services

Once you’ve agreed your financial plan with your adviser, they will be able to start setting up your products and investments on our platform. We provide tools and services to help your adviser assess your attitude to risk and then either create an investment portfolio for you or find other investment solutions that meet your needs.

Monitoring performance

We then enable your adviser to monitor the performance of your investments, give you regular updates through our customer reporting tool, and make any changes that might be required over time, after these have been discussed and agreed with you.

Thousands of financial advisers across the UK use our investment platform, because it is easy to use and helps them deliver great outcomes for customers like you.