What is ‘prosperity’ to you?

What makes us prosper? What makes us succeed, flourish, thrive and be happy?

To get a sense, we asked over a thousand people to tell us about their life goals, attitudes to money, how satisfied they are with life and how financially prepared they are for the future. The results, available in our Redefining Wealth report, make interesting reading.

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We found that people interpret and measure wealth in a much wider way than how much money they have in the bank. Wealth is an enabler to feel fulfilled and secure. A primary motivation for people wanting to create wealth is to support their families with time and money and to pursue experiences and interests that make them happy. Our survey also showed that time is a valuable commodity; we want more free time and see money as a way to achieve this.

Of course one size doesn’t fit all, so understanding and defining your own life goals is vital to help you achieve your vision of prosperity.

To support our focus on prosperity we work with the Legatum Institute which is an international think-tank and educational charity focused on promoting prosperity. It does this through its research programmes and its signature publication, the Legatum Prosperity Index™ which ranks 142 countries in terms of wealth and wellbeing.