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Peace of mind

At times like this, it can sometimes be worthwhile to stand back and think about the principles and safeguards you can rely on - no matter what is happening in the short term – especially the importance of taking expert financial advice.

Before making any decisions about your finances, you may find the following information and commentary useful to consider.

A financial adviser is best placed to help you with any questions about what Brexit means for you, if you have got a financial adviser, find one here.


Investing in volatile times

Our guide to investing in volatile times is a useful reminder of the seven essential investment principles that could help you reach your investment goals.

Volatility in the investment markets continued on Thursday (12 March) as global markets reacted to measures enacted by governments around the world in response to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. At these times, as we have seen during previous similar bouts of volatility during global events, one of the most important factors is to maintain a long-term view, rather than trying to compensate for short term losses. You may also be interested in reading the latest update from Quilter Investors which shares some key principles that are worth remembering at times such as these.

Investing in volatile times

Protecting your money

Protecting your money: The value of investments can fall as well as rise, but what if something happens to the financial companies involved?

Thanks to the robust systems put in place by our industry regulators, there are multiple layers of protection and redress in place in the event of the failure of the firm providing your investment. How these safeguards apply in specific case depends on the type of investment.

First of all you need to know which Old Mutual Wealth company is the provider of the product(s) you are invested in. Then, you can read about the protections that apply to your Old Mutual Wealth investment(s).