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Our servicing teams are prepared for any eventuality

During the coronavirus, we are working hard to ensure that the service you receive from us continues with as little disruption as possible. Here are some of the main things we are doing to protect our staff while keeping our services going.

  • Enabling colleagues to work from remote locations as necessary (alternate offices or from home), using our secure and tested technology
  • Making greater use of business tools (online meetings, Skype, Webex, Video conference) to keep in contact with colleagues, advisers and customers
  • Restrictions on business travel
  • Keeping colleagues up to date with the latest government guidance and adapting any internal safety or hygiene protocols as appropriate, including increased levels of cleaning through all our office locations
  • Supporting colleagues to remain resilient through periods of altered working practices
  • Our preparations will help to ensure that you can contact us by email and phone, just as you usually would. In addition, our online services for both advisers and customers also continue to be available.