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Ups and downs are part and parcel of investing, and there have been many times in the past when events have caused short-term dips. But it's important to remember the basic principles of long-term investing.

During this unprecedented period, we will focus on providing you with information from our investment experts, which will help guide you alongside your financial adviser.

Financial advice can really help

At moments like this, the skills and experience of financial advisers come into their own. Not only do advisers have the experience of dealing with different types of market conditions, they can also help to take the emotion out of your decisions. If you don’t have a financial adviser, you may like to find one here.

Investing in Volatile times

Seven principles for investing and demonstrates the benefits of a long-term investment strategy.

Staying calm in a crisis

The latest update for you explains how you can plot a course during these volatile times.

Patience and planning

A closer look at three key principles to remember at times such as these.

Commentary from our investment business

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to have far reaching consequences for stock markets. Read our latest updates from Quilter Investors as to how you can plot a steady course during times like these.


Quilter’s Market Explainer

With financial markets continuing to be volatile, tune into the next episode of Quilter’s Market Explainer this Friday 3 April at 12pm. Experts from across Quilter discuss how this volatility can be handled at the various stages of investors’ journeys.

Plus, what reasons are there to be optimistic about the outlook for the UK, and what’s the future for our high streets?

Catch up on the previous webcast

Our experts discussed the latest market developments and looked at if investors should stay invested, what the authorities are doing to support markets, and the recent closure of some UK property funds.


Responding to the market sell-off

Chris Beckett, Head of Investment Research, Quilter Cheviot gives his thoughts on how people should respond to the market sell-off.

Diary of a fund manager

Keep up to date with David Miller, Quilter Cheviot Executive Director and active investment manager. His prizewinning weekly, Diary of a Fund Manager, has a global circulation list of over 20,000.

Weekly comment

For more insight into the world of investing, listen to the weekly investment updates from Quilter Cheviot.