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Old Mutual Wealth press comment: Income Tax

If you are covering statistics on income tax published today by HM Revenue and Customs, please see the following commentary from Old Mutual Wealth financial planning expert, Rachael Griffin.

“The data shows that since 1991 more and more people have been pulled into the higher-rate tax band. Around 15% now pay either higher or additional-rate tax, whereas in 1991 less than 7% fell into this bracket.

“As a result, the power of income has waned for those that have stumbled into higher-rate tax. The impact would become even more noticeable were the 50p rate to be re-introduced in the future.

“However, in recent years some tax-free savings allowances have increased, giving savers the opportunity to ensure more of their post-tax income is subsequently placed out of the taxman’s reach. With income-power declining, it is more important than ever for people to make use of these allowances and deploy some of their post-tax earnings as long-term savings.

“While the annual allowance for pension savings has come down, individuals should still ensure they make the most of the available allowance, as income deferred into a pension incurs no income tax. In addition, many employers will share some of the National Insurance savings they make, providing a further top-up to the pension contribution.

“The increase in income tax liability combined with opportunities to shelter savings within a tax-wrapper should encourage people to focus on making their money work harder, rather than simply working harder to make more money.”



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