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Personal Pension


    • Expression of wish form

      Use this form to nominate one or more individuals, trusts or charities to receive benefits from the account/plan in the event of the death of the account/plan holder.

      For use with the Collective Retirement Account, Personal Pension, Executive Pension, Personal Pension Income Plan and Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Contract.


Key features and terms

    • Key features of your Personal Pension

      This Key Features Document provides a clear, balanced summary of the information you need to help make a decision about the Old Mutual Wealth Personal Pension. It describes the Personal Pension and its benefits along with the potential risks involved with this investment. There's also a list of questions and answers to help fill in the finer details. You should read this document in conjunction with a personalised Key Features Illustration and Terms and Conditions.


Guides and brochures

    • About your Personal Pension (single price, series 6, member's guide)

      This member's guide provides a detailed overview of a client's single price Personal Pension, where the plan was opened on or after 31 December 2012.

    • A comprehensive guide to tax and pension withdrawals

      The purpose of this booklet is to help your clients understand the possible tax due on their pension withdrawal(s), how the tax is taken, and where they can check that the tax is correct.

    • How to use the money in your pension pot

      This customer guide contains information about the different ways they can convert their pension savings into an income and the options available from an Old Mutual Wealth pension.



Support material

    • Conflicts of interest statement of practice

      This document provide details of Old Mutual Wealth’s Conflicts of Interest statement of practise, including an overview of the statement and key considerations, how we identify and manage conflicts of interest, and how we review and monitor them on an ongoing basis.