Our purpose and vision

Our industry has a reputation for being a bit old fashioned and fuddy-duddy. We like to think we’re different. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and change the way we do things when it’s better for customers. Working with us means your ideas will be listened to without being told: ‘that’s just the way things are done’.

We do what we say we will do, so our customers can rely on us. Our colleagues live and breathe this sentiment. If you would be proud to work for a company that is well respected and relied upon by its customers, you’ll fit in well.

Put simply, Old Mutual Wealth exists to help create prosperity for our customers and the communities we operate in. It is about helping our customers achieve their financial goals so that they can provide for their families and have the freedom to live their dreams. ‘Prosperity’ means different things to different people of course, and when you join us, you’ll be part of the exciting challenge of understanding our customers and what prosperity means to them. It’s then all about working together as a team to deliver in those moments that really matter; something we all have a part to play in.

Our Purpose
To help create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow


Our Vision
To be the leading wealth manager in the UK market

Our Values

Now you know more about Old Mutual Wealth, and our ambitious vision. We also live three values in everything we do. These values help us excel in the moments that matter to our customers and support us in achieving the purpose and vision we have set out for ourselves.

Leading change and driving growth from the front, positively challenging industry convention to create new and rewarding opportunities for us and our customers

Bringing our expertise, care and judgement to guide us and our customers through complex and challenging times, determined to take people to a better place in their financial future

Stronger Together
Using our diversity – learning from each other – to create one business with better products and services for our customers