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Brexit and beyond

As had been previously speculated, the Prime Minister has postponed the parliamentary vote on the proposed Brexit deal to enable further engagement with the EU. It is currently unclear when the next vote will take place. This prolongs the period of uncertainty we have been experiencing in recent times, which we recognise can be unsettling for customers, business and markets. We continue to plan for all potential outcomes and are supporting you and your customers accordingly. It is now important for the Government to move as swiftly as possible to a conclusion enabling greater certainty for all.

As the facts become clear, we will provide detailed information to you and your customers who will be directly impacted by Brexit, including any action that may need to be taken.

Below you will find out more, including the thoughts of our experts. We’ll be updating and expanding the information here in the lead up to Brexit.

Expert opinion

Anthony Gillham, investment director at Quilter Investors, and members of his investment team, consider the potential impact of Brexit across all asset classes and provide updates for each multi-asset fund range.

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Questions and answers

General queries about Brexit.

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Peace of mind

In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to know that the fundamental principles of investment remain as sound as ever: take expert advice and focus on the long term.

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