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Brexit and beyond

It’s been confirmed that there has been an extension of Article 50 until 31 January 2020. We have been closely monitoring developments throughout the Brexit negotiations over the last three years, to ensure we are prepared for all potential outcomes.

Here are the main points we want to emphasise:

  • Most importantly, we’re pleased to say that Brexit  - whatever the final outcome - will have minimal impact on our existing operations and we will be able to continue to service your clients’ policies and investments.
  • It’s possible that there may be some uncertainty in the economy and markets, and investor sentiment is obviously a core driver of this. As you know we are strong advocates of the value of advice, so we are encouraging clients to contact their adviser if they have any concerns regarding the ongoing suitability of their investments.
  • It may take time for all implications to become clear and some things may change. Our focus is on supporting you and your clients. We will keep you informed of any changes here, and will contact you directly if required.

Staying safe from financial scams

Even though you may not be directly affected by EU withdrawal or a no-deal scenario, during this time of heightened political uncertainty the risk of scams or other frauds is very real. Read our pages about staying safe from financial scams.

Expert opinion

The Quilter Investors Investment Team consider the potential impact of Brexit across all asset classes and provide updates for each multi-asset fund range.

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Peace of mind

In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to know that the fundamental principles of investment remain as sound as ever: take expert advice and focus on the long term.

Useful commentary

Questions and answers

Answers to general queries about Brexit, plus some possible implications for certain Old Mutual Wealth customers.

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Brexit webcast

Watch our webcast recording that took place on Thursday 17 January.

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