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An actively managed, discretionary investment solution

Managing your clients’ investments effectively can be a very challenging task. Making informed investment decisions is not only time-consuming, but also carries a significant burden of responsibility.

The WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service is an actively managed, discretionary investment solution which enables you to outsource the asset allocation, manager selection, and day-to-day running of your clients’ portfolios at a very competitive cost.

This means you can spend more time on your clients’ financial planning requirements, safe in the knowledge their investments are being actively managed by a team of experts.


Why choose WealthSelect?
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The WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service provides a practical and reliable solution that aims to keep your client's investment charges low and their investments on track to achieve their aims, without the need for regular fund reviews.

Explore the portfolios
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Portfolio Explorer provides all the help and support you need to get under the bonnet of WealthSelect including portfolio manager commentary, interactive performance charts, stock level holding breakdowns, and daily updated factsheets.

Access to information
WealthSelect Infographics

Keep your clients informed by providing them with high quality, quarterly reports that present their portfolio information clearly with the opportunity for co-branding and client personalisation. This helps you keep them updated on the performance of their portfolio.



Monthly commentary and performance summary

Read the portfolio manager’s latest thoughts and commentary on the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service.


View the latest performance summary for the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service.


See the latest estimated weighted portfolio charges, high level portfolio asset allocation, and the estimated portfolio yield.

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Portfolio manager video update
Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clark shares his views on what key events have been driving markets in the last quarter and how he’s been managing the portfolios. He also provides his outlook for the next quarter.

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Keep calm and carry on: Brexit update

With political storms raging in the UK, Stuart Clark, WealthSelect Portfolio Manager, answers some of the Brexit questions that are foremost in the minds of investors.

Welcome to the Republic of Facebook
Republic of Facebook

As portfolio manager Stuart Clark explains, in its efforts to evolve, Facebook is heading towards becoming something no-one’s ever seen before, namely a virtual sovereign state.

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Asset Allocation Masterclass
Asset Allocation Masterclass

Equities and bonds have rallied in recent times, but in an ever-changing investment environment, what’s the best strategy to adopt? Stuart Clark recently joined an expert panel to discuss his thoughts.

High Five: Analysis by The Langcat
High Five

WealthSelect launched just over five years ago. In their own words, The Langcat have “had a good rummage around to see what’s what and how WealthSelect stacks up against the market”.

Oil fields set to catch fire
Oil fields

Stuart Clark observes that as the oil price ticks back up from a low of $50 in the last quarter of 2018 it’s likely to spark a blaze of deal making in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.


Interview with the manager

Stuart ClarkStuart Clark, Portfolio Manager at Quilter Investors, has responsibility for managing the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service. He is accountable for all portfolio management decisions, and for leading the research supporting the funds used within the service.

Watch the video to hear Stuart’s latest thoughts on WealthSelect and the positioning of the managed portfolios.



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Our Global Partners


We began with a vision of harnessing the power of the world's market-leading asset managers and bringing them together in one place. Over the past five years, together with our Global Partner fund groups, this goal has been achieved and delivered excellent portfolio management and outstanding value to you and your clients.

Our Global Partners are all recognised as leading investment houses. They offer a broad range of high-quality strategies across different asset classes, sectors, and geographies. They are home to some of the world’s most well-known fund managers and are rightly renowned for their exceptional capabilities when it comes to managing client money.



Support for your clients

Introducing the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service to your clients to help them understand the key features and benefits of using the service.

Help with due diligence

In-depth information on the Managed Portfolio Service with specific reference to the key areas to focus on in line with the FCA’s guidelines.

Risk profile matrix

Summary of how the different Managed Portfolios map to a wide range of market-leading risk profiling tool outputs including Defaqto and Dynamic Planner.

Pre-approach client letter

Help with writing to your clients to introduce the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service and explaining the benefits of the service to them.

Reasons why

Detailed benefits of the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service to help in the preparation of marketing material and reasons why letters.

Target market at a glance

Old Mutual Wealth is required to ensure to ensure that WealthSelect is designed to meet the needs of a clearly identified target market.

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