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Can I brand the report with my company logo?


Yes. The tool generates the forecast report as a Word document, onto which you can attach a picture file of your logo. These could be PNG, GIF or JPG file types, for example. The report is intended for adviser use and so you may want to make other changes to it before showing it to your client.

Alternatively you can copy and paste the content from the report into your own review document should you wish. If you do this, please ensure that you include the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Assumptions and Limitations’ sections of the report.

We have designed the report to meet the FCA’s requirements. However, since you can adapt the report as you see fit, you are responsible for the output meeting any of your compliance requirements.

Please note that a copy of the report you generate will not be stored on the Retirement Income Explorer tool. Therefore you must ensure that you save a copy to your files for audit trail and report history purposes.

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