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Introducing the Retirement Income Explorer

At last, a more realistic way to explore options for the future

Following the recent pension reforms we have seen huge changes in the way retirement advice is given.

It is no longer just a simple choice between annuity and drawdown. The wider retirement options now available mean that advice needs to be far more holistic. It has to take account of issues such as longevity, future aspirations, ongoing attitude to risk, minimum income requirements and tax – as well as any non-pension income. Crucially, it also has to review circumstances as they change.

Make the value of your advice clear

Until now there hasn’t been a simple tool that enables advisers to model all these factors into a variety of scenarios that make sense for pre- and at-retirement client's.

The Retirement Income Explorer helps provide the answers that you need; enabling you to detail your clients’ current and future income needs, assets, expenditure and expectations. Then, using a sophisticated stochastic modeller, you can bring to life a range of probable outcomes, based on realistic forecasts of variables such as life expectancy, investment returns and inflation. The result is a clear and concise illustration of the sustainability of your clients desired income – which is fundamental to a successful outcome. Check out the tool now by logging on to the online platform

The interactive process provides the environment for stimulating discussion and encourages client understanding of their circumstances and the likelihood of the retirement income sustainability. Clearly written reports, which can be branded with your logo, will help to demonstrate the value of advice by enabling you to illustrate likely outcomes in retirement.

Find out more about the Retirement Income Explorer

To help you take full advantage of the capabilities of this new tool, we have developed a range of user guides and other support material. To access them please click on the links below:

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