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There for you


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There for you is provided by RedArc, a specialist in helping people for over 15 years. Their team of telephone based Personal Nurse Advisers who are highly trained and experienced in different specialist fields provide the emotional support, practical advice, explanations and information to get your clients back on track during the difficult times in their life.

The support they provide is individually tailored and because the same Personal Nurse Adviser is there for as long as they are needed, they can really get to know your client and build a strong bond of trust.

Read our 'Day in the life of a Personal Nurse Adviser' to learn more.

Second medical opinion

If your client wants a second opinion following a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment the Personal Nurse Adviser can help determine the benefits a second opinion will provide. The nurse can arrange for a face to face consultation with an NHS or private sector consultant in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and after the consultation help your client understand the results and decide on an appropriate way forward. They will also be there to provide ongoing emotional support and practical advice on how to cope with their condition.

Serious illness

If your client or a member of their immediate family is diagnosed with a serious illness a Personal Nurse Adviser can help them to understand their condition and its implications. They can provide books, factsheets, DVDs and CDs, as well as helping them find any special equipment they may need and ensure they get best use of the NHS and charities.

In addition, if they feel it is clinically necessary, a Personal Nurse Adviser can arrange for additional specialist support for a range of conditions including Cancer, Heart problems, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis.

After hospital care

After an operation or stay in hospital a Personal Nurse Adviser can tailor a ‘Get well stay well’ plan for your client and continue to give ongoing support and practical advice. This can include information on further mainstream services, advice on home adaptations and therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

Mental health

Stress and depression can be just as debilitating a serious illness. A combination of the advice and support of a trained Personal Nurse Adviser and external counselling can help your client and their family to cope effectively with these conditions as well as others such as obsessive disorders or the effects of a traumatic event, for example an assault.


A Personal Nurse Adviser can offer the much needed combination of emotional support and practical advice after a bereavement, including supporting parents with their child’s grief as well as their own. They may also arrange for bereavement counselling or complimentary therapy.

Long term/old age care

Finding care for a parent or relative can be a daunting and difficult experience, but the Personal Nurse Adviser can help your client find the a suitable care or nursing home and provide information on specialist equipment, home adaptations and the financial implications. It’s an emotional time too, so the same Personal Nurse Adviser is there to provide the emotional support needed to help the person moving into care or their family cope.

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