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IHT planning with protect

A life assurance policy is one of several solutions to your client’s inheritance tax problem. It can offer simplicity, affordability and the flexibility to change as your client’s liability changes.

Why Old Mutual Wealth?

  • Guaranteed whole life – premiums are guaranteed not to change throughout the life of the policy (unless the cover is changed).
  • Rolling term – cover can be renewed every ten years for as long as it’s needed. The premiums are guaranteed for each ten year period and, unlike other providers, we will tell you at the start of the plan what the premiums will be for each ten year period.
  • Indexation – we include an option which enables your client to automatically increase their cover each year. But unlike other providers, it can be declined any number of times and we won’t remove the option.
  • Guaranteed increase options – we automatically include options to increase the cover when the value of the estate increases or if changes in legislation increase your client’s inheritance tax liability.
  • There for You – a support service giving your client and their family access to a dedicated Personal Nurse Adviser during the difficult times in their lives such as a serious illness, a bereavement or an accident – at no extra cost to them.


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Nathalie Claeys discusses the IHT calculations, links to the stock market and political changes in this CPD accredited video.

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