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Critical illness cover

Our philosophy on protection has always been to offer the highest quality cover at a reasonable cost.

Our critical illness policy covers one of the widest ranges of illnesses and conditions, including less severe conditions, serious accidents and intensive care, as well providing cover for children.

Why Old Mutual Wealth?

  • 65 conditions covered in total, including 17 ABI+ and 18 additional payments for less severe conditions.
  • We cover all heart attacks, the widest coverage of strokes and vascular disease, plus serious accidents and a stay in intensive care.
  • Children are automatically covered from birth to age 21.
  • Surgery benefit gives your client the money to pay for private treatment rather than having to wait to claim until after the surgery has taken place. This covers children too.
  • Permanent inflation – no matter how many times your client declines the yearly increase we’ll always offer it in the future.
  • There for You – a support service available to clients and their families from day one of the cover, without the need to claim and at no extra cost. 

Protect can be used for both personal and business protection. Whatever your client’s needs, whether they need family protection or key person, loan, or ownership cover, we can offer a flexible solution.

You can find a range of literature, from helpful, straightforward guides to technical information and trust forms, plus a selection of tools, on our resource library, to help make life a bit easier.

Why should your clients have critical illness cover?

None of us like to think about the worst happening – but if it should, money is the last thing your clients would want to worry about. Carla's story, shown in our short video, is just one example that really expresses the importance of having critical illness cover.

You and your client can find plain English explanations of our cover in our guide to the illnesses covered.

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