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Business Protection Case Studies

Business loan case study

Many new businesses will take out a loan to get them going but not all will take out a policy to protect that loan. Read our case study to find out why loan protection is so vital, how simple it is to write and why an Old Mutual Wealth Protect policy could be the perfect solution.

Stadion Advice


Role: Independent financial adviser

Key person case study

This second case study deals with contingency planning: the need to protect the business against the loss of a key person. We look at the effects the loss of Stadion’s major shareholder and their paraplanner could have on the business and how best to protect the business.

Shareholder case studies

Succession planning can be vital to the survival of a small to medium size business. In shareholder case study 1 we look at how all of the shareholders of the firm 'Stadion Advice' protects themselves. It shows how they follow the steps to ensure that, in the event one of them should die or have to leave the business as a result of a critical illness, their share of the business will go to the right people.

In shareholder case study 2 we look at the situation where only some of the shareholders wish to protect themselves.

For more information about business protection and our solutions visit the rest of our business protection pages or contact your Old Mutual Wealth sales consultant.

Leo – independent financial adviser


Role: Independent financial adviser

Lucy – mortgage and protection adviser


Role: mortgage and protection adviser

Chloe – paraplanner


Role: independent financial planner

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