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Access to our online services

Key differences in applying for access

The process for setting up new users differs depending on which online service you wish to access.

The platform enables you to view all your clients invested in our ISA, Collective Investment Account, Collective Retirement Account, Collective Investment Bond and Offshore Collective Investment Bond.

Adviser View is our online service providing access to your clients invested in any Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited products.

  • For the platform, the majority of users can be set up and controlled by your master users.
  • For Adviser View, each user must individually register online.

Each user will need a separate username for each online service, although individuals can choose the same username for each online service, providing their chosen username is not already in use.

Old Mutual Wealth's platform

Summary of the roles

There are three levels of access:

  • Master user – has the authority to set up and manage other user roles, in addition to all other administrative roles.
  • Delegated customer administrator – can set up and manage clients and their investments for your financial advisers.
  • Registered customer – your financial advisers can set up and manage their own clients and investments.

What is a master user?

The master user will be responsible for creating and maintaining all user access at their place of business.

The master user is responsible for ensuring that all users are aware of the security requirements, and that these are followed at all times, including the prompt cancellation by the master user of users who should no longer use our online services.

Master users will normally be able to view online remuneration statements and access the other sources of remuneration data available. Exceptions may apply.

Master users may have some control over users at other places of business.

If the master user needs to create and maintain clients at more than one place of business, our Broker Administration Team will set them up as a master user with an additional username for each place of business.

Master user guidelines

  • At least one master user is needed for each appointed representative firm and each other place of business.
  • We recommend that more than one master user is set up for each place of business, so as to have a deputy when the primary master user is not available.
  • Each place of business should usually have no more than three master users.
  • Only the master user has access to adviser maintenance functionality, through which other roles are administered.

Setting up a master user

To set up a master user, additional master users, or to upgrade an existing user to master user, you need to complete the Master user registration form.

We can only set up a master user once our Broker Administration Department has received the Master user registration form.

The username chosen by the master user must be unique, and if their chosen username is already in use our Broker Administration Team will inform them and allocate a new username as close to their original choice as possible.

We will e-mail each new master user to confirm their username.

To obtain their password, each master user will need to contact our Broker Administration Team on 023 8072 9728 using the phone number they have given on their master user registration form. They will be asked to give:

  • their full name
  • the name of their firm
  • the username supplied to them

If the master user calls from a telephone number not given on the Master user registration form, or we are not satisfied with the details given, the password will not be given to them until we have made further checks with you.

Once we have completed identification, the master user will be given their password.

When using the platform for the first time, each master user must amend their password.

Adviser View - applying for access

  • Each user must apply online, and complete a user registration form by clicking on 'Register' on the Adviser View logon page.
  • The Adviser View user registration form must be signed by an authorised signatory and then sent to our Broker Administration Department.
  • If you require access to Commission Enquiry, you should also specify this on the form.
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail once access has been given.

Financial Adviser Verification