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Offer your clients more with our top-up service

If you choose, your clients can now easily top up their Old Mutual Wealth Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Collective Investment Accounts (CIAs) through our online Customer Centre. It’s a simple process and any top-ups will be invested into their current portfolio. Your existing serving fee will be applied to the top-up and if you send us your company logo we’ll add it to the webpages your client sees, extending your own service.

Following a successful trial, the top-up facility is an optional new service that we’d now like to offer permanently. Once you’ve registered and we’ve activated the service, you’ll be able to:

  • offer your clients with an ISA or CIA extra value by introducing them to our top-up service
  • allow your clients to pay for the top up online by bank transfer or Debit Card or select to fund the top-up from their CIA (Bed and ISA service) should they hold one with Old Mutual Wealth
  • co-brand the online Customer Centre, so your clients feel reassured that you’re involved
  • earn your servicing fee as per your current arrangement; you’ll be responsible for ensuring suitability/record-keeping. No initial fees will be facilitated through this service
  • save time by using our email and letter templates – you just need to personalise them
  • stay in the loop – we’ll automatically send you a confirmation email whenever one of your clients uses the service.

How to register for the service

To set up the top-up facility please complete the form below. We’ll also ask you to provide us with a date to switch on the service, so you can make sure you’ve communicated it to your clients beforehand.

We’ll turn on the service at FCA-number level, so your whole firm will be able to benefit from it. Please make sure that any other advisers registered against the number are happy for us to do so.

When you’re all set up, we’ll send you your confirmation email which will include email and letter templates to use with your clients.

Register for the top-up service

(please make sure that any other advisers registered against this number are happy to have the service switched on)
Please confirm you’re aware that this is an advised service and you’re responsible for suitability:

(one per FCA number only)
Please note the service will be switched on for all of your clients who hold the selected product(s) above.
Please note we will activate your service on the first Wednesday following your chosen date

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