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Benefits to your clients

An ISA can be a great, tax-efficient source of retirement income. Consolidating an ISA alongside a CRA with Old Mutual Wealth offers several benefits:

  • Our tiered charge rewards clients who have more invested with us*. They can also request ‘client linking’, meaning we’ll take into account the value of the investments* held by their spouse or civil partner. This lower, tiered charge continues after the ISA special offer has ended.
  • You can deliver a compelling retirement income solution for your clients, with our ISA’s flexible regular withdrawals and natural income options being used to complement the CRA’s 9 income drawdown options.
  • Your clients can see all their investments in one easy-to-access location, reducing the burden of administration.
  • With access to over 1300 funds you can tailor a portfolio to match your clients’ needs, or outsource your investment decisions to our investment experts through the Managed Portfolio service, or by choosing a multi asset solution such as the Generation Portfolios.
  • You can switch funds, access valuations and create client reports in one central place, increasing efficiencies within your business.
  • If you choose, you can give your clients the option of topping-up their ISAs themselves with our online service, leaving you free time for more profitable business.
  • It’s quick and easy to apply online and takes as little as three minutes to arrange the ISA transfer.

Check our offer eligibility criteria to see if your clients qualify.

See how much your clients could save across their Old Mutual Wealth investments* with our interactive tool

*Applies to ISA, Collective Retirement Account, Collective Investment Account and Collective Investment Bond.


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