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Eligibility criteria - ISA Cashback offer 2018/19

  • The offer was available to new ISA transfers/re-registrations applied for from 12 December 2018.
  • Transferring ISA money/units must have been received and applied to the ISA account by 15 January 2020.
  • The offer was based on the cumulative value of all ISA transfers/re-registrations applied for and completed during  the offer period.
  • The offer was open to both new and existing Old Mutual Wealth ISA account holders.



Total value of transfers

Cashback amount

Less than £100,000 


From £100,000 to £199,999


From £200,000 to £299,999


£300,000 and over



  • The cashback payment was paid by cheque after 15 January 2020 and posted to the correspondence address we hold.
  • ISA lump sum payments were excluded from the offer.
  • ISA illustrations have not taken the cashback offer into account.
  • Clients are required to keep their ISA for a year following the transfer. If the client transfers or closes their ISA before this time, we will deduct the cashback payment from the account before we pay/transfer the proceeds.

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