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Case studies

Our campaign and proposition are built on real insights, some of which we’ve translated into a set of case studies for you and your clients. Each case study represents a different approach to retirement, with different goals and choices they are making.

What type of retirement do your clients want? Are they a passionate hobbyist? A time-rich volunteer? Or maybe a mature entrepreneur? Lots of people see retirement as a chance not to relax, but to make a positive change, either to their own lives or the lives of others.

The different approaches to retirement that have come out of our research cover a series of lifestyle choices, from tranquillity seeker to global explorer!

Philip, our portfolio careerist Brynda, our active adventurer David, our time-rich volunteer

To support you, we’ve made sure you have all the technical detail and back-up material to help each type of client on our Powering Financial Planning hub. This should help you to get under the skin of your clients’ expectations for retirement, so you can demonstrate your expertise by proposing the right plan for them.

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