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Optimising withdrawals

Outstanding flexibility, from an award-winning pension

Not all pensions (particularly not older, existing products) will allow clients to take full advantage of the pension freedoms.


The value of advice

This short client-facing case study video shows how Mike’s adviser uses our Collective Retirement Account (CRA) to improve Mike’s retirement income, clearly demonstrating the value of her advice.

Our nine withdrawal options

Offering ultimate freedom and choice, our Collective Retirement Account offers a market-leading nine different withdrawal options, which are all provided at no additional cost. Find out more about the income options available in our guide 'Pension income choices for all seasons'.

Our Collective Retirement Account (CRA) offers some of the most comprehensive income solutions in the market. This includes automated monthly income options that let a client take money out of their pension using:

  • only tax-free cash, or
  • a combination of tax-free cash and taxable income.

These options are designed so that you can minimise the amount of pension savings a client needs to use to fulfil their income needs – making their pension more sustainable.

To deliver the right level of income, it’s also crucial that the pension’s underlying investments are managed effectively. The CRA can be structured to meet different investment strategies to help you achieve great outcomes for your clients.


Transfer to our flexible Collective Retirement Account

Transferring existing funds to more flexible products, like the award-winning CRA, has several considerations. The useful guides below outline some areas of the current pension system that you need to be aware of, with possible planning actions.


Useful guides





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