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Family linking

Your chance to offer more value to your clients

Family Linking is a multi-family member discount. You can add value for your clients and their families by driving down the cost of investment.

When your clients and their family members invest with us, they benefit from one tiered charging structure that is based on the value of all products held on our investment platform, and the percentage charge reduces as assets grow.

The key features of Family Linking are:

  • Up to four generations of family members can be linked.
  • Each family member’s charge is based on the total value of all products held on our investment platform by the family members who are linked.
  • Linked family members will need to be with the same financial adviser.
  • The charge is known as the Service Charge on the ISA and Collective Investment Account, and the Product Charge on the Collective Investment Bond and Collective Retirement Account.

For all Family Linking situations, you can request Family Linking by completing and submitting a valid Family Linking Request Form either by paper or via secure email.

Download our Family Linking form so that your clients can benefit today.

For Family Linking which only involves the linking of spouses or civil partners, you have the option of requesting this by calling our customer service centre on 0808 171 2626.

Please note that requests via unsecured email will be declined. All links must be requested. We will not assume that family members should be linked

More value for you

We have introduced family linking to help you retain and grow your business. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of your advice and build a lasting relationship with the extended family.

When a client dies, if no trusted relationship exists with the family, you could face the prospect of losing business when their wealth transfers. The average loss of assets per adviser as a result of wealth transfer has been reported to be £288,000 (Kings Court Trust 2017 – Wealth Transfer in the UK).

Here are the key ways we can help you:

  • We offer you the ability to manage an entire family’s wealth on one easy to use platform.
  • Our Family Linking discounts can help you create a ‘family office’.
  • Our products offer full death benefit flexibility to facilitate the cascade of wealth through the generations.

Download our Family Linking guide for more information.


Questions and answers

Who can my clients link to?

For more detailed questions and answers, please see our Family Linking question and answer document.

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