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Life Assurance

Protect life cover

Protect is a flexible life cover plan that can include one or more policies, each with a different term and benefits, so you can tailor the policies to create the perfect fit for your clients.

Why Old Mutual Wealth?

We design our products to give your clients the best quality cover.

  • Permanent inflation – no matter how many times your client declines the yearly increase we’ll always offer it in the future.
  • Guaranteed increase options – we include a number of options so that the cover can be increased when your clients’ circumstances change.
  • There for You – a support service that available to clients and their families from day one of the cover, without the need to claim and at no extra cost. 

Protect can be used for both personal and business protection. Whatever your client’s needs, we can offer a flexible solution whether it’s for family protection, part of a client’s inheritance tax planning, or as key person, loan, or ownership cover.

You can find a range of literature, from helpful, straightforward guides to technical information and trust forms, plus a selection of tools, on our resource library, to help make life a bit easier.

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Useful contacts

If you have any questions about the online application or Protect please contact your Protection Specialist or Development Consultant or call our helpline on:
  0808 171 2600.

If you have a pre-sales underwriting question please email
If your question relates to an existing application please email
Alternatively you can speak directly to an underwriter on 023 8072 6908.

If you have questions on taxation, trust arrangements or business protection you can call our technical helpline:
 023 8072 6010 or email

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