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Types of trust

Discretionary trust

Also know as a Best Start in Life Trust, proabate trust or spousal bypass trust. Please find out more information of the different options available and what they can be used for...

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Absolute Trust

A trust where the beneficiaries are fixed at outset and can never be changed.

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Protection Trust

This is a split trust suitable for critical illness policies with life cover. 

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Discounted Gift Trust

The discounted gift trust is a trust arrangement that allows the settlor to retain access to some of their capital in the form of an income stream that is set out as part of the trust.

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Loan Trust

The loan trust is suitable where individuals do not wish to give away their capital but they are happy for the growth to be held in trust for the intended beneficiaries.

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Business Assurance Trust

This is a specialist trust for shareholder/partnership protection. 

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Lifestyle Trust

The lifestyle trust offers clients greater flexibility to access their capital in the future – or to forgo that access if they choose to do so.

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Interest in Possession Trust

This is a trust where the beneficiary is entitled to the trust income as it arises.

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Irrevocable Designation

This creates an absolute/bare trust for the person(s) designated (for use with our Collective Investment Account only).

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